ESTATENVY was created in 2017 as a platform to provide current and future homeowners with insights on design and products, purchasing tips, and advice to help make their homes the envy of their neighborhoods. ESTATENVY is part of a network of publications published by Mainland, a content marketing technology company.



ESTATENVY’s experienced writers follow journalistic best practices to produce timely and relevant content that resonates with home owners, home buyers and industry experts. From tips on how to design the interior of your home to feature stories on those who are experts in design, architecture, and services, ESTATENVY’s editorial focuses on everything the home and the people who help you create those envious moments.



Each brand that engages with ESTATENVY receives a dedicated page that features SEO-rich, longform feature stories about the people, products and services driving the brand’s success, designed to appeal to prospective and current customers. Because the content is hosted on a third party industry publication, the brands earn instant credibility through the voices of the ESTATENVY journalists. Both brands and prospects, alike, are looking for great content that is motivating. Brands accomplish this through ESTATENVY’s active newsroom approach. Additionally, brands are given a proprietary dashboard where they can manage digital ad campaigns (through ESTATENVY’s AMPD program), monitor date, mine data and create content. ESTATENVY is the intersection of technology and content – providing brands with an ever-evolving solution for telling their stories to the right audiences in the right markets.