Amazon Trend Alert: Five Wooden Products To Help Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Looking for new items to feed your Amazon shopping addiction? Look no further.

If there’s a one-stop-shop for all your needs, it’s Amazon. The e-commerce giant has everything and anything one could want, from home decor to ready-to-hang art. Users of Amazon Prime can enjoy free two-day delivery on their favorite home goods.

Now that autumn has arrived, it’s time to add some sweater weather-worthy decor pieces around your home. A great way to add warmth and comfort to your abode is by incorporating elements of nature throughout your space. Wood is Mother Nature’s latest and most fashionable trend to date and Amazon has an impressive amount of wooden accessories to choose from.
Here are five coziness-cultivating decor items that will help bring some (pumpkin) spice to your home.
Wooden candle holders
These wooden candleholders from RDEXP will be your apple orchard-scented candle’s best friend. Whether these candleholders are on your coffee table, kitchen table or island, these simple tree-trunk accessories will be a conversation starter when hosting your next dinner party. These five-star-rated candle holders are handmade from natural pine wood. You can order a set of four for $12. Best part? This is a Prime product.
Wooden marble coasters
This product combines two of the latest design trends––marble and wood. Talk about an aesthetic. These cup coasters from Thirstystone are made from all natural sandstone and each coaster features its own unique design. Ok, these aren’t technically made from wood, but the ashy brown design makes them look as if they were directly cut from a tree trunk. These coasters have a cork backing that protects your surfaces, and . you can purchase this Prime product for $13.59.
Wooden essential oil diffuser
You can’t have a cozy night in without an essential oil diffuser. This wood grain diffuser from HLS has five functions––aromatherapy, cool mist, air purifier, ionizer and night light. Who needs to spend money on a spa when you can spend only $24.99 on this gizmo? This Prime product also has seven soothing LED light settings depending on your mood.
Whether you like eucalyptus, mint or lavender, the wooden essential oil diffuser will instantly remove bad odors and leave your space smelling as fresh as can be.. Why keep the relaxing, curl-up-with-a-good-book vibes only in the bedroom? Pop this diffuser in several rooms and take a sensory journey without ever stepping foot outdoors.
Wooden book shelf
You can’t thrive in your cozy book nook without your favorite novel. And what better piece to store all your books in than this industrial-chic wooden bookshelf? Place this shelving unit from Homebazaar right next to your go-to curl up spot for easy access to Harry Potter books or Vogue magazines. Have a lot of reads? Have no fear––each wooden shelf can hold up to 110 pounds.
If you’re not a bookworm, display your simple succulents, candles or picture frames for you and your guests to enjoy. While the shelves aren’t true wood, the vinyl coating makes the structure look like it was cut down from a gray oak tree.
Wooden bathtub caddy tray
End your day soaking up the suds with a bubble bath. Let’s be real, you can’t enjoy a bath without watching your favorite Netflix show, snacking on a chocolate bar and filling your nostrils with a sweet scented candle (or your essential oil diffuser). This bamboo luxury bathtub tray will hold all the necessities to relax and let loose in the bubbles. Usually you’d want to keep any sort of wood away from water, but this tray is covered with a protective coat of lacquer, making it waterproof. Feel free to splash around as you please.
This Amazon product by Royal Craft Wood has several little pockets and compartments to hold anything one may need. It’s listed as a No. 1 Best Seller on Amazon––so, go see for yourself why it’s such a stellar product.
Whether these cozy Amazon finds are a gift or for yourself, anyone who gets their hands on these pieces will be in for a treat.