Pantone Color Report Warms Up Your Look and Space with Mango Mojito

Pantone 15-0960, a “golden yellow” that “feeds our craving for pleasant comforts,” will be big in 2019.

Ahead of the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter fashion seasons, a coveted palette of trend-driving hues are announced by the Pantone Color Institute. The Pantone colors are projected to be the stars of style and design, featuring prominently in a slew of international fashion shows ushered in by New York Fashion Week. The handpicked hues also dominate style-savvy decorating the world over—so much so that the Pantone Color Institute also releases SMART color swatches to serve as the cotton standard for apparel and textiles.

This spring, Pantone has characterized the style landscape as one of “playful expressionism [that] encourages an unrestrained and experimental approach to color.” The Pantone colors for 2019 break down into “lively hues” and “neutrals,” and one of the juicier picks in the former category is Pantone 15-0960, or Mango Mojito.

Pantone writes: “The golden yellow Mango Mojito feeds our craving for pleasant comforts.” The color indeed recalls long-slanting sunlight on lazy summer afternoons, or the honey-sweet juice of a fresh mango enjoyed seaside. The influence of 2018’s turn to ‘70s inspired hues like turmeric (itself included in Pantone’s 2019 palette) and rust is apparent in this hue, and it plays well with other nature-inspired picks like Toffee and Terrarium Moss.

This spring, the fashion-conscious can spot Brighton-inspired pieces in Mango Mojito from menswear line Death to Tennis and in globally-inspired Bode. Women will love the boldly feminine frocks from Chiara Boni La Petite Robe and Jonathan Cohen (check out that gauzy final pick!)

When it comes to decorating, think of Mango Mojito as your atmosphere-cultivating color. Thanks to an earthy-warm base, the hue doesn’t flatten light like darker and cooler colors can tend to, but take note: this is still a statement-making choice. Decorate strategically: play up the natural dye-feel of Mango Mojito with linens and lighter textiles, or treat it like a neutral amidst sandy creams and off-whites (you can even keep the family together and opt for some of Pantone’s other 2019 neutrals, Soybean and Sweet Corn). This hue plays well with both warm and ashy woods, so let yourself experiment!

If you’d rather punctuate your space with accents instead of going in wholesale, no fear. Lend a Marrakesh-inspired feel with pieces like filigree pendants. Remember: Mango Mojito likes texture, so bring your space down to earth with pieces like this sandstone print, knit throw blanket or daybed cushion. Turn to Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, specialists of the expertly deployed accent color and dimension-building neutral blend, for a great jumping-off point (or that mango-meets-sandstone sectional).

Still not quite sure where to start? Check out this sunny mood board featuring Mango Mojito and its 2019 Pantone sibling, Aspen Gold, or start your own Pinterest board to get the inspiration flowing like a tropical summer cocktail.

If the 2019 Pantone Color Report tells us anything, it’s that “an experimental approach to color” is all the rage this year. Grab a SMART swatch and get playful!