Color Trends: What’s In and What’s Next

The broad appeal of Stonewashed Blue opens the door for Muted Teal to step into the spotlight.

Colors are one of the most nuanced aspects of interior design and as such, can be extremely tough to get right. Due to a seemingly never ending array of options, homeowners embarking on a color revamp face a tall task of crafting complementary combinations. To provide inspiration, ESTATENVY enlisted the expertise of principal designer Tracy Lynn of San Diego-based Tracy Lynn Studio to learn more about what’s trending in color and where the industry is headed next.

What are some colors you’re seeing rise in popularity and how are they being used?

We are seeing many colors make resurgences in designs today, but the four most prominent have been Forest Green, Pale Blush, Warm Gold and Stonewashed Blue.

Forest Green is popping up mainly on accent walls, cabinetry in kitchens and secondary spaces, and even in furniture. Pale Blush is normally a color people envision in younger or more feminine spaces and while it’s still popular there, we are also seeing it much more in shared spaces between males and females, especially when mixed with other colors or neutrals.

Warm Gold is a great accent color in pillows, artwork, or lamps, while Stonewashed Blue is used pretty much everywhere. It’s reminiscent of Scandinavian designs, has a very broad appeal and we’re seeing it on walls, ceilings, furniture fabrics, accessories, artwork and more.

What are your favorite colors to incorporate into your design work right now?

We are always incorporating some kind of blue in most of our designs. In our coastal area of San Diego, blue has always been a color that people gravitate toward. There’s a running joke around our office that we’re all obsessed with chambray and blush. Our conference room chairs are made from a beautiful shade of chambray blue and the newest design addition to the office, our kitchen backsplash, is a pale washed blush that took us months to nail down.

What are some sources of inspiration for your design team?

Each new season, we find our inspiration from local artists, new fabrics and global influences that have become more accessible through access to social media outlets like Houzz and Pinterest. We love to mix up our designs to incorporate many colors, especially if we’re working with an adventurous client.

What is the most innovative way you’ve seen color used recently?

One of the most fun and innovative things we’re seeing in our client’s homes is the use of color in tile. For a long time, it was taboo to put too much color in your tile selections, as we all thought that it would become dated too quickly. Now, we are seeing millennials and other buyers getting more adventurous in their tile selections and incorporating more bold and unique color choices. We’re using Cle and Zia tile in many homes because their options are colorful, geometric and fun.

What colors do you expect to see a lot of in the next year?

With the resurgence of modern craftsman design, we expect to see a lot of Dark Raspberry, Muted Teal, Pale Peach and Camel Brown. In San Diego and all over the U.S., there are tons of craftsman homes that are being updated and remodeled, but because the style was so iconic, many of the original features are trying to be restored or incorporated in the designs.

Because so many homeowners are seeking designs that keep the character of the architectural elements, we expect these colors to be incorporated into their palette in a fresh and updated way through unexpected tones based off the original earth tones found throughout traditional craftsman design.