Little Houses with Big Bang: Little Red House in Accomac, Virginia

This tiny house looks way bigger than it actually is!

The Little Red House is making a huge impression on all of us at ESTATENVY!

The tiny house is located on a working farm in Accomac, Virginia. Accomac is a small town located on the state’s Eastern Shore. For the uninitiated, Virginia’s Eastern Shore is a jut of land attached to Maryland and not too far from Delaware, but it’s still part of Virginia.


The tiny home is a very short walk away from the main house on the property. It is listed on Airbnb and can accommodate up to three guests. While only a mere 225 square feet, the space seems much bigger thanks in part to the mostly-white color scheme and some very strategic placing. Case in point: The bunk bed is right next to the kitchen area, and it’s actually a queen-sized bed with a small twin bed above it. The twin bed has ladder access.

“You can’t have a Costco membership living here,” the house’s owner - and original tenant - Mona Cossitt told Coastal Virginia Magazine. “Every couple of months I needed to purge, and all I bought had to have at least two uses.” She told the magazine she needed to switch to a bigger house due to her growing sons, but said she’d switch back to the small-house life if she could.

Today, the house is ready for outsiders to rent and enjoy.

The tiny living area within contains enough room for a chair, a bookshelf and a small dining table that can seat two people.

The kitchen does not have a stove, but it does offer a hot plate, and a large window provides a terrific view of the field just outside.

The full bathroom contains a shower, and the sink is a converted vanity. Indeed, the entire bathroom space is quite big compared to the bedroom and living area.

The exterior almost looks barn-like with its red walls and white trim and grey roof. The windows aren’t as expansive as some of the ones we’ve seen on other tiny houses, but there are still plenty and they appear to let in a lot of light. There’s a small picnic set that guests can enjoy, plus views of a large field.

The property also contains a fire pit, and marshmallows are provided on-site. The fire pit has lovely views of a creek.

Peace and tranquility and tiny living and marshmallows? We’re packing our tiny bag!