How to Utilize Unique Spaces to Bring Greenery into Your Home.

ESTATENVY shares easy ways to bring color into your home, from hanging baskets to window boxes to potted plants.

Spring is here. If you feel like your home is stuck in a color rut, now is the perfect time to incorporate something new, like plants and flowers. Studies have shown that houseplants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels, and boost your mood, so all the more reason to add some leafy bundles of joy.

While it may seem a bit tricky at first to find the right spaces for them, ESTATENVY spoke with interior designer and founder of the blog Gilded – A Life of Design, Erin Catlin, to hear her recommendations for incorporating a little greenery in the home and the best way to do it.

When it comes to designing, Catlin believes plants help make the home complete--when working with clients, always suggests using greenery to balance things out.

“I always use plants to balance out gallery walls, tables, or even ground furniture in spaces. It gives the home a better feeling and makes it feel finished and inviting,” Catlin said. She also urges clients to hang plants on walls and from the ceiling as well as place pots on shelves. It helps give the home a little more variety.

In regard to the areas in the house she likes to place plants, they’re all fair game.

“I always make sure to disperse the plants throughout the home; I don’t just focus on one room,” Catlin stated. “I do love having plants in bathrooms though. Water and plants always feel good together.” Hanging baskets are especially good in bathrooms because most of the time, they don’t have windows and are dark. There are a variety of plants that can live with no sunlight, and this will help add a pop of color to the room too.

As far as what specific kinds of plants she likes to use in these spaces, Catlin recommends houseplants rather than flowers. Flowers don’t tend to last as long and more prep work is involved. Houseplants end up feeling like a part of the home because of their longevity. Choosing a specific houseplant is really based on the client’s preference, but Catlin does have some favorites.

“I have a ton of palm plants in my home,” Catlin said. “They are great plants and tend to last a long time with the right amount of sun.” She also recommends ferns. They last a long time with minimal sun whereas succulents, another favorite, need lots of sun. Air plants are a popular plant she recommends as well. They are low maintenance, require no soil, and can be placed anywhere from a dish on a table to something hanging on a wall.

There’s really no right or wrong way to place plants around a home, and once you do, hopefully in no time your stress will melt away!