How Your Pet Can Ruin Your Home Sale

Showhomes interior decorator Nancy Jones explains how to remove unwanted traces of pets from your home before a showing.

Pets become a part of the family to those who own and love them. But to some, the sight of a pet at a home sale can cause a potential buyer to walk out the door. Something as small as a clump of fur under a table or hair stuck to upholstery can easily be skimmed over as a homeowner and yet becomes a detractor for buyers. However, there are a few easy tricks you can utilize to hide your pets’ impact on your home. Interior decorator with Showhomes, Nancy Jones, suggests starting by using lint rollers and squeegees to pull up unwanted hair.

“We also use pet hair gloves that are designed specifically for cleaning up fur,” said Jones in an interview with

Floor stains and aromas are something you grow accustomed to in your own space. But for a potential buyer, your home is assessed with their nose as much as their eyes. Jones said often times pet scents get absorbed into carpet padding, ultimately making them harder to pinpoint. However, using Resolve to cover the surface and lift pet stains often does the trick.

“There are also many candles and air fresheners that can eliminate odors without overpowering,” Jones said to reporter Jennifer Gedes.

Small claw marks on floors and teeth marks on furniture are even easy to hide with a few DIY tips. Jones suggests purchasing a bottle of Old English furniture polish to correct scuffs.

“It now comes in both light and dark versions and covers most surface marks,” said Jones.

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