Turning Your House into a Smart Home: Coolest Technology Worth the Investment

ESTATENVY connected with TVTi Vice President Ari Presant to learn about the hottest home automation technology on the market.

As technology becomes increasingly advanced and accessible, home automation will be a reality for more people. According to a recent Intel Corporation study, 68 percent of consumers surveyed were confident that smart homes would be as common as smartphones within the next decade.

For homeowners considering investing in home automation, ESTATENVY caught up with Ari Presant, Vice President of TVTi, a company that specializes in smart residential and commercial systems and designs, about some of the coolest technology on the market.

“Smart home technology in this day and age is all about convenience and aesthetics,” Presant said. “The functions that we provide are nothing new: watching TV, listening to music, and adjusting your lights or thermostat. However, a true smart home provides the ability to do all of that without having to get up off your seat, whether you're in your own home or 1,000 miles away.”

Lighting Control

Lighting control systems allow homeowners to turn their lights on and off from miles away as long as they are connected to the internet. Systems like Philips Hue can be automated to make it seem like people are home when they are not, and energy-efficient LED lights can help people conserve electricity. Whether reading, watching a movie or hosting a party, these systems can also help homeowners set the right ambiance for any occasion.

“One of the coolest things we offer is controlled lights,” Presant said. “Imagine with one touch of a button being able to transform your home into the perfect entertaining space by dimming several lights at different levels or being welcomed home after a long day at work by dim lights. The possibilities truly have no limit when it comes to smart home technology.”

Surveillance Systems

Home security systems can give homeowners peace of mind. Surveillance systems such as CCTV systems allow people to monitor, protect and watch their houses by providing live footage accessible at any time and from anywhere, contacting them during emergencies, and defending homes from would-be thieves by alerting them that their presence has been detected. The system also lets homeowners lock their doors from their smartphones.

Home Audio and Video Distribution

Customized home audio and video distribution systems allow people to watch their favorite programs anywhere in their homes. With a synced video and audio system, homeowners can watch shows and listen to music wherever it is convenient for them with just a few small devices that can be discretely hidden in convenient spots.

“A true smart home is one where the technology isn't seen,” Presant said. “Whether it's the use of invisible speakers that are really hiding behind the drywall or a motorized lift to raise and lower your TV, the smartest houses are the ones that function the best and look good doing it.”

Climate Control

By adapting to people’s routines and changing seasons, climate control systems can help homeowners regulate their energy consumption, which can save them money and reduce their impact on the environment. Smart thermostats like Nest learn the temperatures people prefer and can program themselves after a week of use.

Motorized Window Treatments

TVTi offers a motorized window blind system that can help people control the amount of natural light that enters their homes, increase privacy, manage the temperature, and enhance the ambiance of rooms.

“It can be tedious to adjust your blinds and shades to the perfect level,” Presant said. “You can easily lower the shades to entertain, and you can customize it so you can wake up to natural sunlight every morning as the shades rise in your bedroom.”

Whether people are considering installing lighting control to motorized window treatments, Presant believes that all smart home technology can benefit homeowners as long as they commit to using it.

“Our use of technology is only going to grow in the coming years and decades, so it's never a bad time to start investing in ways to advance your home,” Presant said. “Each one is worth the investment if you'll use it.”