Retro Trends from the Past that Are Making a Comeback

From pops of color to velvet accents, these are the interior design trends that are reappearing in homes and apartments across the country.

Things that were once considered old have a habit of getting a fresh start a few decades down the line. ESTATENVY connected with Ken Walter of Gray & Walter to gather insight into the interior design trends that are currently making a comeback.

When asked why these trends tend to reappear, Walter said the answer has two important components. “First of all, there are only so many trends out there. Trend makers hope that you’ve either forgotten about or thrown out what you bought the last time it appeared. The second reason is that, just like with a 24 hour news cycle, people always need to have something to write about.”

One example that he provided is the popularity of a color that is now known as ‘millennial pink.’ This shade has been around for quite some time, but with a new name it has taken on a fresh start in the minds of consumers everywhere.

Another retro decorating trend that is currently on the rise is the velvet sofa. Walter noted that dark green, teal blue and navy tones are increasingly popular color choices for this furniture addition. These bold accents come as a response to the popularity of more subdued colors in recent years.

“Grey is over—very over,” he said, noting a move towards more colorful interior decorating choices. “Some people may not have figured it out yet, but we’re definitely seeing more of a nod towards color.”

Another trend that Walter noted was the rise of brass accents in decorating. According to an article in Forbes, brass provides an opportunity for homeowners to incorporate a warmer metal tone into decorating without the high price tag of gold. The metal is also popular for its ability to “complement a number of styles.”

When deciding how to best incorporate this design trend into one’s home, Walter recommends that homeowners start with easy to remove accessories to get a feel for how it will transform the space.

“My favorite thing about retro trends is seeing how delighted people are by things that they didn’t know about. I’ve seen these trends before, and I didn’t understand why people hated it back then. It’s nice to see people opening themselves up to these trends again,” he said.

For homeowners considering adding retro trends into their homes, Walter recommends clipping images in a file or out of a magazine and showing them to a professional. There will be a common denominator in the style that you gravitate towards, and the designer can help advise you on how to best use this throughout the process.