How to Clean Your Home to Fully Prepare for a Holiday Party

ESTATENVY spoke with home cleaning and interior design experts to help eliminate the stress associated with hosting holiday parties.

As the holidays quickly approach, so does the daunting list of things to do to prepare your home for guests to arrive. One of the tasks on that long list is cleaning. To help eliminate holiday stress in exchange for enjoying time with family and friends, ESTATENVY spoke with home cleaning experts from The Cleaning Authority and independent interior designer Kim Schmidlkofer from Green Porch, LLC for tips on how to completely clean and prepare your home for a holiday gathering.

A couple of the most noticeable areas that people overlook when it comes to cleaning are highly used items such as light switches, door knobs and remotes. Another neglected area in homes are kitchen counters. Everything on the kitchen counter that is functional on a daily basis might not be needed for a holiday party. Schmidlkofer suggests putting away appliances like your toaster and coffee maker if you’re not going to be using it.

“Anything that looks cleaner is going to make people feel more comfortable and you’re not going to keep apologizing for all of your stuff that’s everywhere,” said Schmidlkofer. “If you’re planning on doing the meal prep yourself, do your cleaning ahead of time because your kitchen table or island will be the place where your guests end up congregating.”

The old saying “first impressions are the most lasting” certainly pertains to the moment someone walks into your home. A clean entryway can set the tone and impact a guest’s mood for the duration of your holiday party. That’s why it’s important to greet your holiday guests with an inviting welcome the moment they walk through your front door. Put away your personal shoes, coats and any other clutter that may have gathered over time. You can also add a warm piece such as an upholstered bench with a pillow, while also providing a place for guests to settle their shoes and coat.

“When someone walks in your house, they should feel like they functionally know what to do,” Schmidlkofer said. “It should be clear to your guests where they are to place their shoes (if they are required to take them off), where they hang their coat or store their purse.”

Scented candles and air fresheners pertaining to the season are also good elements to add a fresh, clean smell and set the mood for the evening. Ideal places for such items include the entryway, high traffic areas and bathrooms.

Using space wisely and storing daily used items will also add to the clean appeal of your home upon the anticipated arrival of your guests. Schmidlkofer suggests using extra wall space by investing in a shallow cabinet or a floating shelf to hang on the wall – which is very popular right now.

Following these simple tips, no matter what type of budget you’re working with or how much time you have, can put both you and your guests in the holiday spirit.