Top Tips for Making Your Bedroom Your Own

From quality linens to color cohesion, choose what makes you happy.

When it comes to bedroom trends, the ultimate piece of advice is to do what you love. The bedroom is supposed to be a place to relax, a retreat from the trying day-to-day hustle and bustle. The challenge for homeowners is often figuring out what this dream sanctuary looks like. Too many times, we turn to inspiration to guide our design goals without taking our own needs into account.

“While trends can be appealing elsewhere in the home, I don't personally believe they belong in the bedroom,” said Folsom Lake Showhomes owner Amber Dias. “The number one priority when decorating should be geared towards what makes you happy.”

Picking out a few key elements like furniture style and ambiance can be a great place to start. Dias suggests figuring out the colors that you gravitate towards as a base and building outward.

“Ask yourself, do I prefer a clean look with lots of neutrals or monochromatic tones? Do I love prints and fun pops of color? Once a homeowner can answer these question, it gives better direction and ensures the final product will be something they love,” she said.

From here, visualize the space and choose a focal point, whether that’s a king-sized canopy bed, an antique dresser or a large painting. Measure all of the remaining furniture elements to ensure everything fits harmoniously into the puzzle.

“Pay attention to the size and scale of furniture. If the bed is too big for the room, it makes the space feel claustrophobic. On the opposite spectrum, purchasing too few pieces of furniture can make your room look like the first apartment you moved into after college graduation. Neither of these create a desirable bedroom,” said Dias. “There's a delicate balance but I find it easiest to choose a piece of furniture as a focal point, then asses how much space you have remaining while keeping scale in mind. “

Decorations can then be used as an asset to complement this revitalized space you’ve created.

“If a homeowner enjoys piling on pillows, it's important to use a neutral bedspread as the base and have fun layering patterns and colors from there,” according to Dias. “The basic rule of thumb is that there needs to be cohesion, whether that's the color palette, textures or fabrics.”

As a final treat, look into purchasing a few simple luxuries to help improve your quality of sleep – like a better mattress, new duvet cover, or a few extra fluffy pillows. We spend one-third of our lives in bed, and a splurge for a night of uninterrupted slumber is well worth the cost.

“One piece of advice for the bedroom, do not skimp on good quality linens,” said Dias. “Quality linens are similar to the timeless basics in your closet. Just like a favorite pair of jeans or a t-shirt, they wash well and only feel better with use. These are investment pieces that a homeowner will use over and over again.”