Curbed: Must-See Urban Parks and Public Spaces in 2017

These are the outdoor spaces that are drawing both residents and tourists to major metropolitan areas this year.

When it comes to living in a major metropolitan area, people automatically assume that their neighborhoods will be filled with concrete and construction. But urban areas aren’t entirely focused on skyscrapers and building projects—there are also urban parks and public spaces that make individual cities stand out.

From well-known attractions like New York City’s Central Park to smaller nature reserves, outdoor spaces have the potential to attract residents and tourists alike. According to Curbed, there are some parks and public spaces that are expected to draw the most attention in 2017, especially as the weather gets warmer.

One must-see location is Emancipation Park in Houston, Texas. The park reopened in January after a $33 million project designed to enhance the area that was originally created in 1872 when a group of freed slaves used $800 to purchase 10 acres of land. Another outdoor area that’s expected to draw attention this year are the Constitutional Gardens in Washington, D.C. Located on the National Mall between the World War II and Vietnam Memorials, the 50-acre piece of land is recently renovated.

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