Trump vs. Clinton

What Businesses Can Learn From the Trump vs. Clinton Campaign: Should You Hide Your Business Flaws or Show Them?

Regardless of who you voted for, watch back at the unbelievable victory Trump pulled off and try to apply some of those tactics to your brand marketing strategy.


By now, there are probably more than a million theories on why Hillary Clinton lost the election to President-Elect Donald Trump. I am sure I could provide a million more. But, there are a ton of lessons to be learned from the campaign that you could apply to your business and perhaps achieve a “yuge” win. Here are a few:

To Show Your Flaws or Not Show Your Flaws, that is the Question: Donald Trump put it all on the line. He showed all of his flaws loudly and proudly. Somehow, this captured the attention of the 99 percent – securing the right amount of Electoral College nods to win the election. Hillary, on the other hand, was reluctant to point out her flaws – choosing a more reserved path, especially when it came to emails. What would have happened had she simply said (as an older person), “I never used email, therefore didn’t understand what I was doing was wrong. I am sorry.” Or, “Look, just like you, I didn’t want to send all of my emails through a work email address. Some things are personal.” Now, I am not suggesting that you, as a brand, come out with aggressive statements toward minorities, women or doubters, but if you address your flaws head on (even in a crisis situation), you may be revered by your fan base for not hiding.

Don’t Be Selfish, It’s Not About You: “I’m With Her” may have come across as a singular message about getting one person elected. “Make America Great Again” may have come across as a wider message to battle the good ‘ole boys. Clearly, one connected with more in the key battleground states. What can you learn from this? Well, it’s not about you. Your customers are not with you. They care about themselves and don’t want to be told how to feel, act or respond. Start there – especially with a Social Media footprint. Your brand is not what you say it is, it is what they say it is. When you approach your marketing with a global positioning that your base is with you, perhaps you will win.

When You Lose, Do It Gracefully: We have been trained, as humans, to always fight back. Surely, had Trump lost, he would have pouted, kicked, screamed and sued – so, clearly, he is not innocent. Hillary, made the call (although a day later) and Trump said she was as nice as can be. That’s good. When you lose a race, a battle or an argument, don’t hold a grudge – especially in the workplace. Be about the bigger mission. Be willing to admit when you are wrong (that’s great customer service).

Regardless of wins and losses or who you voted for, watch back at the unbelievable victory Trump pulled off and try to apply some of those tactics to your brand marketing strategy. Perhaps there are some nuggets that can help elevate your positioning and sales.

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