Rooftop Trends We're Seeing this Summer

From illuminated planters to napping beds, these outdoor living accents will be making an appearance across rooftops this summer.

The return of summer weather often inspires people to begin spending more time enjoying their outdoor living spaces. For those who have a rooftop space, it is also the ideal time to prepare the space for the season. Fresh flowers, seasonal furniture and creative lighting solutions are brought together to create a refreshing and breathtaking arrangement.

ESTATENVY connected with Emily Mackie of Inspired Interiors to get the scoop on some of the hottest trends in rooftop decor this year.

Mixture of Seating

For many people, a rooftop quickly becomes an outdoor oasis both in the day and night. For that reason, adding a mixture of seating options can help accommodate different needs. This can range from dining options to more recreational pieces.

Mackie noted that more and more individuals are taking advantage of their outdoor living spaces for napping purposes. With this rising trend, incorporating lounge furniture becomes more enticing to homeowners. One of the most popular trends in this category is the napping bed. Mackie recommends Dedon products because they boast both a durable and thoughtful design.

Solar Lighting

“It’s very important to layer outdoor lighting because light can’t refract on an outdoor rooftop. One has to double-down on lighting and make the placement of these lights low in order to keep things illuminated,” said Mackie.

She recommends accomplishing this feat by incorporating solar-powered furniture such as illuminated planters to make a strong visual impact. These items are not only interesting because of their aesthetic, but also offer a range of practical benefits. Some even come equipped with USB ports for charging electronic devices.

Vibrant Colors

When planning the color palette of one’s rooftop space, Mackie recommends staying away from neutral colors. She explained that the tones that are used within a design have power over the emotions that one feels within that space.

“Have no fear with colors outdoors,” she encouraged. “Go very bright with outdoor decorating. Think of what you would see in a flower shop or in a nursery for inspiration.”

Automatic Watering

People tend to travel more in the summer months, and as a result, may have to leave their outdoor living spaces unattended for prolonged periods of time. In order to ensure any gardening or landscaping is well-cared for, homeowners may wish to invest in automatic watering systems. Many of these options can be controlled via cell phone even when one is offsite.

Fire Pits

Another hot feature to consider adopting this season is a fuel-based fire pit. These are often built into the top of cocktail tables for an elegant and contained setting. Mackie explained that part of the appeal of these fire pits is in the low degree of cleanup required because they are filled with glass pieces rather than wood. They also can be easily covered when not in use.